MBBS in Philippines provides student an internationally recognized medical program. Philippines being the world’s third largest English speaking nation and having a strong compatibility for American system of education, has made study MBBS a superior choice for students from around the world. Philippines produce thousands medical graduates pursuing MBBS in Philippines each year. Since, medicine in Philippines follows the American system of education, thus students will have the option of credit transfer should they decide to further study medicine in the USA.
There are actually many good reasons why foreign nationals should study in the Philippine from education to enriching life experiences. Here are the opportunities that await anyone who will study in the Philippines:

Why Philippines

1. Outstanding Quality of Education
The Medical Universities and Institutes in The Philippines provide unparalleled innovative learning methods and world-class faculty team to nourish students with all knowledge and skills they require to become successful doctors.
The professors in The Philippines Medical Colleges are renowned for their expert knowledge and dedication towards the welfare of the students. Their teaching methodologies are so adaptive that the students can easily learn and understand the basic fundamentals.
2. Flexible Eligibility Criteria
Like, all other International Countries, the MBBS Eligibility Criteria in The Philippines is flexible. It requires the student to be more than 17 years old and they should have a valid 12-18 months pre-med course provided by medical universities in The Philippines after 12th grade.
3. Worldwide Recognition of Degree
Many students worry whether their MBBS Education from The Philippines would be applicable in Nepal or not. Well, the good news is that, MBBS education from The Philippines is recognized by NMC (Nepal Medical), WHO (World Health Organization) and from many medical councils of different countries.
So, if you pursue MBBS from Philippines, you would be eligible to practice as a doctor across the world.
4. Affordability
Be it education fee or living and travelling expenses, The Philippines is one of the most affordable countries to pursue MBBS Education. The universities do not demand any donation at the time of admission, only the admission fee would be the final education cost. And the accommodation facilities for international students is quite reasonable and affordable.
There are many hostels located nearby the colleges and institutes, so that students can save up their travelling expenses and can reach colleges on time to not miss any important lecture.
5. Safest Country to Live
The major concern of any parents is to find a safe place for their children to stay and study in a cool environment. The Philippines has got both advantages. The country is quite safe for International Students, even the environment is too pleasant.

Minimum Requirements for Admission:

• 12th Science or Equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Biology with min of 50% marks
• Must clear Medical Entrance Exam in Nepal

Top Medical Colleges in Philippines

• AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Metro Manila
• University of Perpetual Help
• Angeles University Foundation
• Our Lady of Fatima University
• AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Manila- MD Course
• University of Perpetual Help- MD Course
• Davao Medical School Foundation
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