Study In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is becoming more popular among international students aspiring for an MBBS from abroad. Bangladesh offers high-quality MBBS programs at a very affordable tuition fee.

Study In Philippines

Philippines has the best higher education system in Asia and it is considered to be the best destination for international students to sin the country has been increasing over the past few years.

Study In Russia

With a long academic tradition, Russia is being popular nowadays because of its academic excellence in MBBS programs. Universities in Russia have been modernizing their medical education system over the past few years.

Study In Georgia

Georgia is one of the best countries for international students for a medical career. The Georgian MBBS program is compared with the MBBS standards of the USA, Canada and UK.

Study In Armenia

Armenia could be the perfect choice for you to start your medical career as universities in Armenia offers quality MBBS programs at a very low cost. Armenian degrees are globally recognized.

Study In China

China offers high-quality education with high-standard facilities. The standard of the MBBS program is recognized worldwide. Hundreds of Nepalese students have been studying MBBS in China.

Study In Kyrgyzstan

Medical fraternities from all around the world admire MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. The duration for an MBBS program in Kyrgyzstan if of 6 years, five-year classroom training and 1-year internship training.

Study In Malaysia

Malaysia is becoming famous among international students because of the standards of the MBBS program in the country. Go for Malaysia if you want a successful medical career.

Study In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the few countries that offer MBBS courses at a very affordable price. The universities in Kazakhstan offer high medical practice to make sure students are ready enough to start professional life as a doctor.

Study In Ukraine

Universities in Ukraine offer MBBS programs at a very affordable price. It's pretty easy for international students to join an MBBS program in Ukraine as you don’t need to take an entrance exam to study MBBS in Ukraine.