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Are you looking to learn the Korean language inside Kathmandu? If yes then please do take time to visit training Nepal to know more about the Korean language training course. We provide a specialized training program for candidates willing to learn Korean language (Hangeul).

The training course is designed for absolute beginners who have no knowledge of the Korean language. This course specializes in teaching the students to read, write and speak Korean words and make a complete sentence. The course will start from the basic Korean alphabets, vocabulary and gradually enhancing the learning of pronunciations, grammars and making sentences. Korean language is very scientific in nature and will be taught likewise in our institute.

We provide intense and quality training classes provided by professionals who are fluent in the language. The class size is small so as to accommodate limited students. The students will get plenty of face to face interaction time with the teacher. The teachers will assign class assignments and conduct test to measure the development of the students. The institute, in addition, will also provide hands out, training materials like books, CDs, and audio files.

What is the Objective of The Course?

The main objective of this training program is to develop fluency among the students in the Korean language. The training also aims to:

  • Teach the students Korean pronunciation.
  • Teach the students Korean grammar.
  • Teach the students how to greet in Korean.
  • Teach the students about Korean culture.

Who Can Join the Language Training Course?

  • Job seekers who are seeking job opportunities in Korea.
  • Students applying for abroad studies in Korea.
  • Candidates willing to learn the Korean language.
  • Candidates who are visiting Korea for travelling.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Hangeul.
  • Word particles
  • Verbs and adjectives
  • Past, present and future
  • Using honorifics
  • Korean language irregulars
  • Adverbs
  • Positive & negative sentences

Why Korean Language Course at GLOBALEDUCC?

  • Certified teachers to teach you
  • Free study materials
  • High success rates of past students
  • Free counselling
  • Training Nepal is listed as the top institute for language courses
  • Free wi-fi

Scope and Opportunity

Currently, there is a high workforce demand in South Korea; as a result of this many aspiring job seekers are migrating to Korea in search of a better job. The working condition in Korea is comparatively better than to countries in the Middle East and also the pay is good. And also there are a vast number of students who are applying to universities and colleges in Korea. In a survey taken in 2013, there are reportedly more than 22,000 Nepalese citizens working or studying in Korea. For, job seekers and students knowing the Korean language is a must. It is important that they possess the basic communication skill.

Besides, Training Nepal has also been conducting German Language and French Language preparation classes for the candidates who wish to work/study either in German or France.


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