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Since its inception GLOBALEDUCC has been committed to developing quality human resource with high academic and moral standard by recommending them to top class Universities and College aboard, so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow with wider vision for the goodwill of the country and its people. So far, we have admitted more than ve thousands students all over the world and now they are doing well in their respective fields such as Nursing, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dental, Hotel Management etc. After the completion of their studies, the students come back to Nepal / India for the welfare and development of the country

The marketing department of GLOBALEDUCC promotes different educational activities in major cities of Nepal/India and other countries, through several advertising campaign. The marketing team promotes the educational activities of both GLOBALEDUCC and overseas educational Institutions. We have a highly professional marketing strategy and are promoting our services through various channels as follows:

Education Exhibitions, seminars & fairs are one of the best ways of branding and marketing from the universities in case of Education for the students. Both the parents and students are so assured that meeting College/ University Representatives in Exhibitions is the best way to get admission in right College/ Universities with right course.
When it comes to building marketing strategies, universities should take into consideration 3 key questions: what to communicate, to whom and how. Universities are able to deliver consistent, clear and authentic messages to their prospective students after a good analysis and evaluation of their potential. Here GLOBALEDUCC helps the universities to market their business by following the different strategies of marketing which has listed below:

• We have a huge data of the students who are willing to get admissions Education Consulting: in the different universities in different courses. Our experienced education consultant, approach those students and give the right path to them and direct them to take the admission by promoting your university and convert that in to lead.

• Organizing education seminar and fairs in different countries as per Education Seminars/fairs: the requirement and invite the student s of that particular country by promoting aware about the seminar through different media

• Television, Cinema Hall, FM Radio, SMS Web Media, Website. Electronic Media:

• Today’s students have grown up communicating and sharing Strategic social media: experiences on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Using the power of different networks and engaging content, we promote through social media to attract students, interact faster with the current students and stay connected with alumni. Social media is the largest area of innovation and growth in higher education marketing.

• Offline marketing is the evergreen way to promote and engage students through Advertising: offline advertising, such as: BTL activity, ATL activity banners, posters, universities journals, and Flyers.
By spreading to SMS to reach the large amount of students and aware them Mobile marketing: about the seminars and university courses by daily updating through SMS marketing.

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